About this website
👋 Welcome to my personal portfolio website! This site was created using Next.js 13 with React and TypeScript. The UI design is powered by Material UI, which provides a sleek and modern look for the site. 🚀
💻 The reason why I created this project is to showcase my skills and experience as a full-stack developer, with expertise in both front-end and back-end development. Through this website, I aim to demonstrate my abilities in building responsive, user-friendly web applications that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust. 🌟
📝 In addition to providing information about myself, this site also includes a blog section where I share my thoughts and insights on various topics related to many different things. Whether you're looking to hire a developer or just interested in learning more about the field, I hope you find this site informative and enjoyable to navigate. 🤓
Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. 🙌
Introduction to each tab
About me
The About Me tab provides personal information about the developer, including their education, background, and professional experience. Users can learn more about the developer and their skills and experience.
The Architecture tab provides information about the technical stack and software architecture used in building the portfolio website. This includes details about the frameworks, languages, and tools used, as well as information about the website's architecture and infrastructure.
The Blog tab contains a collection of blog posts on a variety of topics related to web development, technology, and other areas of interest. Users can read and comment on the blog posts, and engage in discussions with the developer and other readers.
Change log
The Change Log tab provides a record of all changes and updates made to the portfolio website. Users can see what changes have been made and when, and stay up-to-date with the latest updates and improvements.
Contact me
The Contact Me tab provides users with a way to get in touch with the developer directly. Users can use this tab to send messages, make inquiries, or provide feedback.
This tab contains a collection of photographs taken by the developer as a hobby. Users can browse through the images and appreciate the developer's photography skills.
The Profile tab is a simple page that displays information about the user who is currently signed in. This may include personal information, avatar, etc.
The Settings tab is a page where users can adjust various settings related to the portfolio website. This may include things like color scheme.
Sign in/Sign up
The Sign In/Sign Up tab provides users with the ability to create an account and sign in to the portfolio website. This may be required to access certain features, such as the Profile or Settings pages.
To-do list
This tab contains a list of unfinished features and functionality that the developer plans to implement in the portfolio website. Users can see what new features are coming and provide feedback and suggestions.